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In this section of our product catalog we offer free boycott Israel barcode clip art. Each clip art is cleverly designed so that it displays the actual 729 barcode number sequence that denotes goods made in Israel. We also incorporated the bold boycott Israel slogan into the middle of the barcode layout. Each clip art is available in vector, meaning that the image file can be scaled up or down in size without diminishing the quality of the image. We offer each clip art design in four different file types including vector EPS, PNG, JPEG, and GIF. You may download and use each clip art file in any way that you wish. The clip art is distributed under a shared user license.
For this particular clip art design we created a round Palestine and United Kingdom joined flag. The flag design represents Britain's historical and contemporary love for Palestine and its people. It also symbolizes the UK's undying solidarity with Palestine. These clip art in this section are all completely free. Each clip art may be downloaded individually in its compact zipped file folder. Within the file folder you will find four commonly used file formats, vector EPS, PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Additionally, our clip art designs feature a transparent background for seamless use and integration. Our shared user license allows you to use or redistribute the files in any way that you desire.
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Round Palestine UK Flag Clip Art
Boycott Israel Barcode Clip Art
Categories 1 - 4
The State of Israel has been extremely oppressive and dehumanizing towards the Palestinian people. We feel that it is extremely important for people around the world to take peaceful action aimed at forcing Israel to end its ongoing mistreatment of the Palestinians. One way in which we can all take peaceful action is by boycotting goods made in Israel. We offer boycott Israel barcode stickers that contain the infamous made in Israel barcode number sequence starting with 729. The stickers help to inform the general on which barcode numbers identify goods made in Israel so that they can be avoided. The stickers are waterproof and extremely durable for long term use.
Boycott Israel Stickers
These free round Palestine flag clip art are designed to show love towards Palestine. Many of these clip art designs also represent the solidarity Palestine has with many countries, cities, and towns across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and beyond. Each clip art is created in vector format, giving the user the ability to scale the image to any size without it losing resolution quality. Like most of our other clip art these designs feature a transparent background which will allow for seamless integration of the graphic into any design setting. Our clip art are available on a shared user license and can be used for any commercial or personal purpose.
Round Palestine Flag Clip Art